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Don’t Trip Mushroom + Delta 9 Gummies | Sour Apple Aurora

Don’t Trip Mushroom + Delta 9 Gummies | Sour Apple Aurora

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  • Content: Each pouch of Sour Apple Aurora contains 10 delectable gummies, each infused with a blend of Mushroom Extract, Muscimol, Muscarine, and D9 THC.
  • Potency: Each pouch holds 7000mg of Mushroom Extract and 100mg of D9 THC. Every single gummy contains 700mg of Muscimol & Muscarine and 10mg of D9 THC, crafted for your enjoyment.
  • Taste: Prepare to be transported to an orchard of delight with the crisp and tangy taste of Sour Apple.
  • Legal Status: Free of Psilocybin, these gummies are fully legal. As we say, don't trip, it's legal.
  • Effect: Experience tranquility and enhanced clarity with the Sour Apple Aurora gummies. The thoughtful blend of Muscimol, Muscarine, and D9 THC promises a calming journey, aiding in deeper, more restorative sleep and helping to improve your relationships with a heightened level of awareness and empathy. 
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Taste Meets Tranquility

Your taste buds are in for a treat with our assortment of delectable flavors. Delivering a soothing and enjoyable experience, all without any Psilocybin. Relax, relish, and enjoy the serene journey of Don't Trip Mushroom + Delta 9 Gummies - where extraordinary experiences are not just possible, they're perfectly legal.

Powerful Blend, Lasting Effects

Each pouch is a treasure trove, packed with 7100mg of Mushroom Extract. Every gummy is a perfect balance of 700mg Muscimol & Muscarine with 10mg D9 THC. With ten of these power-packed gummies per pouch, you’re promised a journey that doesn't fade but lingers, ensuring a long-lasting, unforgettable voyage.

Experience Unrivalled Tranquility

Don’t Trip Mushroom + Delta 9 Gummies - a harmonious blend of the world's finest elements for an unmatched edible experience. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary and dive into the unknown.