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Dozo Live Hash Rosin Preroll | White Runtz (Hybrid)

Dozo Live Hash Rosin Preroll | White Runtz (Hybrid)

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  • Content: Each pack includes 2 prerolls, each containing 1.5g of high-quality ingredients.
  • Ingredients: Industrial Hemp derived THC A flower, LIVE HASH ROSIN, THC P - all natural and vegan.
  • Effects: Embark on a journey that combines the best of both worlds with Dozo Live Hash Rosin Preroll in the White Runtz (Hybrid) strain. This product strikes the perfect balance, offering the euphoric uplift of sativa and the soothing relaxation of indica in one exquisite experience. Indulge in a symphony of flavors and seize the chance to find your equilibrium, whether it's unwinding after a long day or sparking creativity for new adventures. Dozo is your ticket to a harmonious fusion of relaxation and motivation.
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Our products are not just another cannabis offering. They are crafted with your experience and well-being in mind. Here's what makes LIVE HASH ROSIN THC-A truly exceptional

High THC-A Concentration

Looking for more intense and vibrant sensations? LIVE HASH ROSIN THC-A boasts a high concentration of THC-A, giving you control over the activation of this potent cannabinoid. Achieve remarkable results with every use.

Exceptional Taste and Aromatic Characteristics

We care about your experience not only in terms of effects but also in taste. LIVE HASH ROSIN THC-A preserves rich and complex taste and aromatic characteristics, delivering a unique flavor to your experience.

The experience you deserve starts with LIVE HASH ROSIN THC-A. Try it today and unlock new dimensions of pleasure and relaxation.